The Lecompte distillery, which was founded by Alexandre Lecompte in 1923, is located in an old farmhouse in the heart of the Pays d‘Auge, in the village Notre Dame de Courson. The apple orchards are located near the farmhouse and produce the finest apple varieties in the region. The small farmhouse nowadays houses 800 small oak barrels spread over 8 cellars, where very old Calvados can mature slowly. The family has two alembics from the Cognac region with which they can produce Calvados Pays d’Auge of consistent quality. They use new and larger oak barrels for maturation of the Calvados, depending on the taste that they want to give to the cuvees. A cuvee offers a good balance between fruit and wood and is a delight of different aromas.

Calvados LECOMPTE 5 YEAR has a good balance between fruit and vanilla. The latter stems from the fact that it ripens in new oak barrels for a while.

Calvados LECOMPTE 12 YEAR has a good balance between very ripe apples and herbs such as cinnamon and nutmeg because it has matured in a Port barrel for some time. Lecompte therefore has range of flavours suitable for all consumption occasions, from an appetiser up to a digestive in the form of 25 YEAR LECOMPTE, for the lovers of old Calvados with rich and complex aromas.

Every cuvee is different, but every cuvee offers a good balance between fruit and wood and is a delight of different aromas.

Lecompte Multimillésimes

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Lecompte Secret

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Lecompte Calvados 25 YO

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Lecompte Calvados 18 YO

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Lecompte Calvados 12 YO

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Lecompte Calvados 5 YO

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