Over many centuries working as vine growers, wine makers, distillers and merchants the Frapin family have gathered an extensive 240 hectare single vineyard located in the heart of fi rst cru of Cognac, known as Grande Champagne.
Since 1978, Maison Frapin has enjoyed continued success under the leadership of Mr and Mrs Max Cointreau, who succeeded her mother Marie Frapin and today under the management of, their son, Jean-Pierre Cointreau.

Nestled in the hillsides of Segonzac, in the grounds of Château Fontpinot, Frapin preserves age-old growing, harvesting, winemaking, distilling and ageing methods: Charente red copper stills, oak barrels from Limousin, alternating between humid and dry cellars…

Frapin’s Cognacs convey the purity, aromas and distinct and powerful characteristics of the terroir from which they come provoke engender refi ned pleasures and unique sensations. The largely crumbly, chalky soil in this area ensure a regular water supply to the subsoil and our vines.
What’s more, our sustainable growing methods allow us to produce healthy and fl avoursome wines with an acidity that guarantees our Cognacs have ageing potential, as well as, their fi ne, fruity and elegant characteristics.
In 2015 Frapin harvested enough grapes from Cognac Château Fontpinot to distillate more than 2450 hectolitres of Cognac appellation whilst remaining true to sustainable growing methods. To this end Frapin has invested in a facility to treat winemaking effl uents under the impetus of Patrice Piveteau, Assistant Managing Director and Cellar Master.

At Frapin there are a variety of cellars distributed around our 350 hectare estate. Some are at ground level and some are in the attic; some are humid and others are dry. These differences have an impact on how the eaux de vies age and each barrel will visit several locations during its life in the cellar. Cellarmaster Patrice Piveteau capitalises on this diversity, blending each Cognac to perfection.

Although it may seem a shame that the equivalent of over 120,000 bottles evaporates each year in our cellars, the Cellar Master knows that “the angels’ share” is one of his most faithful allies in the production of the fi nest Grande Champagne Cognacs.

In addition to the carefully preserved single Vintages, Frapin’s barrels contain the equivalent of more than 5 million bottles of Cognac in the dark cellars under the blackened tiles.Along with the Trésors du Château, the single vintages and Multimillésimes bear witness to the exceptional ageing conditions and emphasise the unique single estate characteristics found in an eau-de-vie produced
entirely from the Frapin vineyard.

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