The striking natural yellow hue of the precious liquid contained therein reminds us of the ethereal brushstrokes of the northern lights that dance across northern skies.
Like a magical talisman, the bottle bears mysterious inscriptions in the local Inuktitut* script – but what do they mean? The secret formula of this unique gin, perhaps?
Its particular aroma can be traced back to six rare botanicals, native to the arctic region, that enter its composition. Handpicked in the wild during the eeting summer season, then infused the traditional way, they are handcrafted into an authentic gin with a unique taste, to the delight of adventurous amateurs and connoisseurs alike.

Adorned by a brilliant mantle of ice and snow for nearly nine months of the year, Ungava is a place of indescribable beauty whose splendour is heightened by the celestial light show of the aurora borealis, the immensity of its landscapes, deep valleys that shelter majestic waterways, countless lakes of astounding clarity, teeming wildlife, and ice oes that drift silently “towards the open water”
This magnicent land has been home to the Inuit people and their ancestors for thousands of years. Still nomadic two generations ago, the Inuit have settled in villages along the coast or at the river deltas where, every summer, they continue to hunt, fish and harvest the precious gifts of the tundra before the onset of another long, hard winter.

With total respect for the environment and Inuit traditions, the rare plants and berries that impart Ungava Gin’s unique bouquet are delicately picked and selected by hand. For many years gin was a favourite tipple of explorers, gold diggers and trappers in Canada, prized for its reputed medicinal qualities. With Ungava Gin, an original recipe
is produced in a traditional way: Nordic Juniper, Wild Rose Hips, Cloudberry, Crowberry, Arctic Blend and Labrador Tea are naturally steeped until the gin takes on its complex avour and distinctive sunny hue. Inside every glass of this gin there breathes a little of the Ungava Peninsula.
As subtle as it is intriguing, Ungava reveals a style that is all at once lively and smooth, fresh, oral and spicy.

The precious plants and berries of the tundra release their natural colour and aromas to yield a gin that is exquisitely well-balanced. From the rst sip of Ungava Gin, you embark upon a unique journey of the senses: on the nose, the Nordic Juniper supplies ample notes of zesty citrus; on the palate Ungava reveals progressively the fullness of its avours and the richness of its bouquet. The refreshingly fruity and sweet-tart notes of Crowberry and Wild Rose Hip are expressed over a rich and spicy underlying botanical base that combines Cloudberry and Arctic Blend.

The Nordic Juniper brings a nishing touch of mentholated citrus that cuts through the Labrador Tea’s mild herbal avour and lengthens the mix with velvety smoothness.
Once you have tasted Ungava Gin, you will swear, “I remember”* for ever more.
Connoisseurs will appreciate the mellow character of this 100% natural gin, which is surprising considering its alcoholic strength of 43.1%. For this reason, Ungava can be enjoyed on the rocks – to reveal the purity of its arctic aromas – as well as mixed in both tried-and-true cocktails and more innovative concoctions. Its rich and subtle natural avours are sure to seduce gin lovers and inspire mixologists.

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