Molly’s Irish Cream Liqueur is a premium blend of fresh Irish dairy cream, aged Irish Whiskey, fine Irish Spirits and natural chocolate flavours.
In Molly’s, we use the freshest possible, highest quality Irish cream which is sourced locally from grass fed cows – in fact, it is so fresh that it typically takes only 48 hours from cow to bottle!
With a long history in cream liqueur blending and using state of the art technology, we take pride in producing Molly’s…. Arguably the World’s Best Tasting Irish Cream Liqueur.

The name ‘Molly’ is Gaelic for ‘Mary’ and our Molly’s Irish Cream is in memory of the mythical Irish beauty named Molly who became the subject of many traditional Irish songs.

One third of a bottle of Molly’s is pure fresh Irish cream and we use a unique natural blending process to combine the cream with soft Irish spirits and smooth Irish Whiskey. Together, this produces arguably the world’s smoothest Irish Cream Liqueur .

Molly’s can be mixed with many spirits and used in many cocktail recipes but mixing with citrus based products should be avoided. The most popular ways of consuming Molly’s is over ice, chilled or in coffee.

Molly’s enhances those great times shared with family and friends and moments where a little self- indulgence is called for.

Molly’s Irish Cream is produced using state of the art technology in one of the oldest cream liqueur plants in the world. The facility was once owned by Baileys and is situated in a small rural town called Bailieborough which is located 50 miles from Dublin in the heart of Ireland’s dairyland.

Molly’s Irish Cream

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