COMPAGNIE DES INDES is started in 2014. It’s a name for a series of rum selected and assembled by Florent Beuchet. Compagnie des Indes refers in French to the old “West Indies Companies” from the Dutch, British, Portuguese and French empires during the 17th and 18th century. The idea behind the brand is to give an atmosphere of authenticities with the travels and discoveries of this era, during which time Rum was one of the most consumed spirits. Pirates, canons, the sea, sailors and the Royal Navy… These are some of the design elements of the brand which are aimed at helping the consumer travel across a world of flavours.

Compagnie des Indes Rums offer a wide variety of origins in order to showcase the diversity of taste and aromas, as well as the know-how and “Terroir” of each origin. Similar to wine making, rums can present different flavor profiles depending on the region they are produced in. At Compagnie des Indes, the
“Terroir” is respected in every rum from our range; from our blends up to our most regarded Single Casks.
In today’s world, many big multinational producing rums try to even tastes and homogenize them in a way that can make all rums taste alike, from Barbados up to Venezuela.
Compagnie des Indes Rums are the most authentic as we do not add any flavoring, glycerin or too much sugar. Our blends only contain a small amount of sugar (using organic cane syrup instead of raw sugar).
Never too heavy or too sweet in taste, we know how to keep their authenticity. The rums are a journey through Caribbean, Latin American and even Eastern countries. Except for some blends, which they call “our rums for beginners” our products do not contain any sugar. Our idea is to deliver rum that taste like rum with all its edgy characteristics – or as we say: simply wonderful rum.
All single casks are the fruit of barrels carefully selected for their qualities. Sometimes bottled as Full Proof, either reduced to the osmosis water (devoid of any taste or sediment) these rums, representative of their origins, are authentic and elegant.

Tricorne Blanc

  • Article Number 8599

Jamaica 5 YO Navy Strength

  • Article Number 8504

Jamaica 5 YO

  • Article Number 8503

Latino 5 YO

  • Article Number 8502

Caraïbes 3-5 YO

  • Article Number 8501