Six Saints rum is lovingly hand crafted on the tiny Caribbean isle of Grenada.
Named after the island’s six saintly parishes, it is distilled in small batches using only pure ingredients. We don’t add spices to Six Saints –it’s just pure, old fashioned Caribbean rum, patiently prepared the traditional way.
Aged in American Oak bourbon barrels, Six Saints is bottled at 41.7% ABV – which we believe is the ideal sipping strength. Grenadian rum has been worshipped by the islanders for over 200 years, yet it’s remained almost unknown among rum disciples. That’s why we believe it’s now time to throw open the frontiers and spread the gospel about this last truly undiscovered Caribbean rum.
Rare, righteous and pure, you could say Six Saints is a truly immaculate conception!

The first internationally available rum from Grenada. 100% column still from one distillery produced from molasses bottled at ideal sipping strength – 41.7%. No added spices – an immaculate conception.

Six Saints provides the same easy going flavour profile of premium spiced rum with all the credibility of real rum.

Contemporary exclusive bars and clubs. At home with friends.

On ice + with simple mixes (coke, ginger ale).

Biblical, saintly – not preachy. Naughty, naively controversial

Brand Essence:
True – Charming – Discovery

Six Saints Caribbean Rum

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