Valle Secreto

Is born when Antonio Puntí, Claudio Berndt and Richard Samale, all wine lovers and connoisseurs, come together with the objective of creating a wine of unique features in a privileged location.

Valle Secreto is an innovative project, complementing the wine culture with tourism, unifying its modern installations with the romanticism and the mystic of its 19th century church and natural surroundings.

We focus on obtaining high quality wines, ensuring this throughout all the production process, in order to deliver to the consumer a unique and distinctive product, in which are rescued the characteristics and distinctive traits of the valley where Valle Secreto is grown and produced.

The Team
To achieve the expected results of this project, Valle Secreto has constituted three fundamental units. The first is the field; this place is run by a Head of Country, which along with collaborators at the welfare of the property and the implementation of a thorough application of each of the tasks to be developed on the vines for obtain high quality fruit. The second unit is the winery, where the Head of Industrial and colleague’s do the vinification of this high quality fruit under the cleaner and more efficient production standards for wine lines offer the market today. In the above areas have the support, and constant supervision of our Winemaker. Finally once developed the product was our third strategic area that is part and Business Management, where our executives show the world through importing the features and benefits of our wines.

Alto Cachapoal
The Cachapoal Valley is located in the Sixth Region of Chile, 80 km South of Santiago, its Capital. It is one of Chile´s wine producing areas which has burst lately with much strength in the international scene, mainly due to its exceptional quality and character of its wines.

First Edition, as indicated by its name, is the first wine ever produced by Valle Secreto, its first edition, its first secret. Its perfect balance between fruit, oak barrel and acidity , and its excelent structure and balance make our exclusive First Edition line, a unique wine destined to surprise and delight.

Moreover the characteristics of the line Private Edition are given by the unique climatic conditions where the wind and the temperature variation between day and night give our wines their delicate tannins and fine aromas of which expresses its terroir , loam soil and stones in profile. The main feature of these wines is their freshness and excellent balance between alcohol and acidity.

Profundo Alto Cachapoal DO2011

  • Article Number 2340

First Edition Late Harvest Viognier Valle de Cachapoal DO2015

  • Article Number 2305

Private Edition Cabernet Private Blend Cachapoal DO2011

  • Article Number 2330

Private Edition Cabernet Franc Alto Cachapoal DO2011

  • Article Number 2320

First Edition Sauvignon Blanc Valle de Cachapoal DO2013

  • Article Number 2304

First Edition Syrah Valle de Cachapoal DO2011

  • Article Number 2302

First Edition Carménère Valle de Cachapoal DO2011

  • Article Number 2303

First Edition Cabernet Sauvignon Valle de Cachapoal DO2011

  • Article Number 2301