Handed down from one generation to the next – writing the history of CHEVAL QUANCARD. Various characters and personalities have marked each era, weaving an epic dynastic tale that is closely entwined with the wines of Bordeaux, delving deeply into terroirs and hearts, led by a horse symbolising loyalty, wisdom and conquest.

Founder of the company in 1844, Pierre QUANCARD epitomizes the origin of the family tradition for future generations. Jean QUANCARD, his eldest son, was the banker and elected representative who devoted all his energy to developing the company, ensuring it was successfully managed. Eugène, the younger brother, excelled in combining trading and tasting, innovation and … tribulation.
In 1869, his son Marcel took up the torch and inherited with it the all-encompassing passion of his father (Eugène). He became a pioneer in the science of oenology and shall remain for his descendants an accomplished humanist with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.
Raoul, Marcel’s son, seized the company’s reins with vigour, both literally and in the figurative sense, at the end of the 1930’s, firmly driving the company among the front runners of the Bordeaux wine trade and establishing the horse as the company’s emblem in the early 1960’s. It was up to Marcel and Christian, as the sons of Raoul, to keep up the pace and then gather speed with the acquisition of several vineyards, thereby firmly rooting the company in the vineyard-owner business.
In 1982, Roland joined his father (Marcel) and his uncle (Christian). The three of them were responsible for a turning point in the history of the company: in 1985, “Fils de Marcel QUANCARD” became “CHEVAL QUANCARD”.

The second significant date was 1998 when the Ambarès site was relocated to Carbon-Blanc, providing the company with a 17,000m² facility and a bottling and storage capacity enabling it to look firmly towards the future. With the same eye to the future, Roland QUANCARD has made the international markets one of his priorities, implementing at the same time a quality management system (2002) and creating an efficient marketing department. CHEVAL QUANCARD is entering the third millennium with the bit between its teeth!

Both winegrower and merchant-winemaker: thanks to its experience in both these areas, Cheval Quancard has developed a comprehensive quality management policy that includes all the parameters, from the management of a vineyard to the successive stages of winemaking and maturing wine. By complementing the reality of the terroir with a marketing approach the company is able to find the right balance between wines with character and the character of wines, in accordance with the needs and expectations of the various markets.

Monitoring indicators at every stage of the production process, a stringent quality control and traceability protocol, rigorous controls of all purchases of dry goods, high standards of design and marketing for labelling and packaging: Cheval-Quancard has set the highest quality standards to guarantee flawless products throughout the range. Cheval Quancard offers its customers a wide range of products: varietal wines, exclusive and followed château-bottled wines, wines from family estates, grands crus classés, and represents the Bordeaux region with its numerous appellations from Saint-Emilion to Margaux, not forgetting the wines from the Côtes.The firm makes a point of enhancing the richness, the diversity and the distinction of Bordeaux wines.

Thanks to its stringent selection of the wines, to its partnerships with the growers, to the crafting of the very best blends and to the care with which all the raw materials are chosen, …

Réserve Blanc Sauvignon-Semillon Bordeaux AOC2015

  • Article Number 5858

Réserve Rouge Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon Bordeaux AOC2014

  • Article Number 5848