In the 10th generation, Hanns Joachim Louis Guntrum introduced the traditional top-class winery Louis Guntrum from 1648 in Nierstein on the Rhine. With top locations such as Oppenheimer Schützenhütte, which is located in the exclusive possession of Hanns Joachim Louis Guntrums, Niersteiner Bergkirche, Niersteiner Hell and Niersteiner Pettenthal, the winery belonged to the top German producers.
He founded his vineyards in 2006 with the help of Evang. Hanns Joachim Louis Guntrum Foundation in the property of the Evangelical Lutheran Landeskirche in Bavaria. Since 2007, these top vineyards have been leased to the Weingut Eckehart Gröhl in the long term. In harmony with nature, the best possible conditions for excellent wines are created, which owe their power to the sun and the Rhine rhine terroir, their elegance to the delicacy and passion of the award-winning winemaker Eckehart Gröhl.

The new line “the Founder G” represents a cross-section of selected wines in a modern, representative design, where old-fashioned and modern products serve the same purpose – the uncompromising quality at top level.


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Pinot Noir2014

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