The Lugana region comprises five municipalities on the southern shore of Lake Garda, four of which are located in the province of Lombardia. Solid clay layers with a mostly high lime and mineral content, which are formed from glacier moraines and sediments, characterize the soils, and the sand portions are only increased significantly in the higher marginal zones. The Lugana region is dominated by Grape variety Turbiana di Lugana (Trebbiano di Lugana).
The Citari Estate at Colle di San Martino was founded in 1975. Even today the approximately 25 hectares are managed by the founding family. The result is the combination of ideal soil conditions, a mild microclimate characterized by the Gardasee and its own requirements, ie consistent vineyard care, completely manual reading, selection of the grapes and state – of – the – art cellar technology, unmistakable wines with complexity, structure and
A clear profile at the highest level.

In addition to Lugana, which comes from the Lombard part of the origin, DOC wines are produced from the origins of San Martino and Garda.

18e Quarantacinque Garda Classico Chiaretto DOC-

  • Article Number 4072

Sorgente Lugana DOC-

  • Article Number 4071

Garda Classico Rosso DOC-

  • Article Number 4070