The Bernard-Massard tradition was born and continues to live on the banks of the Moselleriver in Grevenmacher. The river flows along a delightful valley and forms part of the German-Luxembourg border for a distance of 42km, from Schengen in the South to Wasserbillig in the North. The 1,300 hectares of vines that make up the Luxembourgwine production stretch out along the sides of the valley and are bordered by the Moselle. The soil is characterised by limestone in the North of the valley and clay-rich earth in the South. These are ideal for the production of fresh and fruity white wines.

The business was established in 1921 by a young and brilliant wine-maker from Luxembourg, Jean Bernard-Massard, who had learnt his skills in Champagne. With the financial support of a small group of enthusiasts from Luxembourg and Belgium, he brought his project to fruition with the construction of the beautiful Grevenmacher winery on the banks of the Moselle River.
His aim was to create quality sparkling wines in Luxembourg.

A family managed company, Bernard-Massard is the main producer of traditional method sparkling wines of Luxembourg and by extension of the Benelux countries. After more than 92 years of existence, the company remains true to the values of quality and entrepreneurship of the founder Jean Bernard-Massard. It is with a constant passion that, together with 85 employees, they elaborate and market their best Cuvees and great luxembourgish still wines.

As of today, Bernard-Massard is luxembourg’s first privately owned wine producer with about 3,5 million bottles leaving yearly the cellars. The reputation of this company reaches far over the borders of our beautiful country. Bernard-Massard’s loyal customers and the numerous awards won in prestigious international contests undoubtedly testify the quality consistency of the brands.

Bernard-Massard Cuvée de l’Ecusson

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Bernard-Massard Cuvée de l’Ecusson Rosé

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Bernard-Massard Cuvée Sélection Brut-Rosé-

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Bernard-Massard Cuvée Sélection Demi-Sec-

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Bernard-Massard Cuvée Sélection Brut-

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