Klein Parys is the oldest winery in Paarl. In 1692 it was given to the Huguenot family Le Roux – 40 years after Jan van Riebeeck, the founder of viticulture in South Africa, entered the Cape region.
The region was named after a mountain on the western edge. The first settlers found that its wet granite quills in the morning sun shines like a pearl (Paarl) in the light.
Kosie Möller is one of the most successful oenologists of the past 20 years in South Africa. His wines have been awarded many prestigious awards worldwide, winning prestigious awards such as the Baron Philippe de Rothschild Trophy for the best Merlot at the IWSC, the best Chardonnay in Paris and the best Cabernet in Canada.
In 2002 he and his wife Beatrix took over the Klein Parys (56 hectares). With their experience and passion they lead the modern and at the same time historic property and have focused on top wines from the beginning. In addition, they manage also another estate, Tooverbergin the northern of Paarl.

Magic Mountain Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon WO Western Cape-

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Magic Mountain Sauvignon Blanc-Viognier WO Western Cape-

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Tooverberg Cabernet Sauvignon WO Western Cape-

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Tooverberg Chardonnay WO Western Cape-

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