Tomelloso is located in the middle of La Mancha, just 200 kilometers south of Madrid on the Castillian high plain. The region has been characterized by agriculture for centuries, and there are numerous caves built around the village of Tomelloso, which were formerly used to grow and store the wines.
Vinicola de Tomelloso was established in 1986 as a combination of originally 28 winegrower families. Vineyards with the traditional grape variety Airén were renewed in a short time and other grape varieties such as Macabeo, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot were planted on the way to the marketing of their own high-quality bottled wines. In addition, a separate cellar was built after three years. The regularly awarded red wines of Finca Cerrada are supported by Tempranillo (Cencibel). Fruity and depending on the freshness they reflect the terroir of the region with its appetizingly character.

Finca Cerrada Reserva La Mancha DO-

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Finca Cerrada Tempranillo La Mancha DO2012 / 2013

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Finca Cerrada Crianza La Mancha DO2007

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