Toro is like Rueda and Ribera del Duero on the course of the Duero. In former times, this continental climate was already an important source of red wine. On the sediment soils, where sand and calcareous constituents dominate, the phylloxera could not spread, so that there are still stocks of rootless vines today. Nevertheless, the area was drastically reduced, and the region was rediscovered and protected as a source (1987) only after the arrival of modern viticulture technology in the 1980s.

Juan Pablo Peñalba Lopéz, the owner of the family Finca Torremilanos, acquired the 13 hectare estate in 1990 and built his winery on the ruins of a former winery. The vineyards are planted with Tinta de Toro (local variety of the Tempranillo), some of which are stocks of roasted bushy wines from the 19th century.

With the utmost respect for the distinctive terroir, only two types of wine are produced that produce very dense, concentrated and often highly praised wines: Puertas Novas and Valpiculata, for which only grapes from old bushy wines are used.
In the cellar Juan Pablo leaves the natural processes for the most part and trusts in the natural cellar yeast.

Puertas Novas Crianza Toro DO

  • Art.Nr.2201

Valpiculata Crianza Toro DO

  • Art.Nr.2200