Parducci Wine Cellars is continuing the legacy and vision of John “Mr. Mendocino” Parducci, one of the greatest winemakers of the 20th century. Our family-run winery has an 80 year history of crafting artisan wines with a reputation for value, quality, and care for our local community.
Today Parducci Wine Cellars continues to be family-owned and operated by three generations of the Thornhill family who are dedicated to growing superior wine grapes in Mendocino County with philosophy of “leaving things better than we find them.” The Parducci commitment to sustainable winemaking practices translates to high standards for both vineyard cultivation and winery operations, including a farm-to-table garden program, wildlife habitat preservation, and a nationally recognized water conservation and reclamation program.

In 2012, Parducci Proprietor Tim Thornhill decided to convert fallow land on the Parducci property to an onsite, self-sustaining farm. Though growing wine grapes and maintaining a world-class winemaking facility are Tim’s top priorities, he sees land as a precious resource, and now—3 years later—the once unused 15 Acres is a thriving organic farm made up of orchards, vegetable beds, and pastureland.
Legendary California winemaker, John Parducci, and his family founded Parducci Wine Cellars in 1932 with a passion for creating quality wine with great value. John started young, traveling alone at age 14 with 40 rail cars of the family grapes to sell to home winemakers during Prohibition. John became head winemaker at Parducci in 1940 and was inducted into the The Culinary Institute of America (C.I.A.) Vintner’s Hall of Fame in 2012.  Affectionately dubbed “Mr. Mendocino,” John Parducci was an early champion of the Northern California wine region and varietal labeling, including Zinfandel and Petite Sirah: two grapes that would become a signature of Mendocino County and embodying the capacious spirit of American winemaking.

Today winemaking team continues to build upon the approachable and authentic style that John Parducci made famous in his 50 year role as winemaker, from the 1940s, until he retired from the winery in 1994. Wine lovers all over the world—from experienced connoisseurs to casual enthusiasts—have come to share in a 80-year legacy of artisan-crafted, authentically crafted wines including Parducci Small Lot Blend, Isabella, True Grit, Coro Mendocino, and Parducci Reserve.

SMALL LOT BLEND Zinfandel2014

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SMALL LOT BLEND Petite Sirah2013

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SMALL LOT BLEND Chardonnay2013

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SMALL LOT BLEND Cabernet Sauvignon2013

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TRUE GRIT Petite Sirah2014

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