FINLAGGANFinlaggan Old Reserve

  • Content (L) 0.7
  • Producer The Vintage Malt Whisky Company
  • Country of Origin Scotland
  • Alcohol 0.4
  • Consumer Unit Bottle in gift box
  • Shelf life Indefinite
  • Colour Very pale straw with lemony-yellow highlights
  • Trade Unit 6 bottles / case

Article Number 29004

NoseFull & pungent with an earthy smokiness & fresh hints of ozone.

TasteDry, smoky & fresh, clean & big-bodied. Finish is long & smooth with a smoky-burnt oakiness & a very slight edge of richness.

Serving suggestionsCan be served neat, on the rocks. It can also be served with any mixer, or with coffee to make an authentic Irish Coffee. It is also great for cooking. The possibilities are endless.


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