LECOMPTE CALVADOSLecompte Calvados 25 YO

  • Content (L) 0.7
  • Producer Spirit France
  • Country of Origin France
  • Alcohol 0.4
  • Consumer Unit Bottle in giftbox
  • Shelf life Indefinite
  • Colour Amber
  • Trade Unit 6 bottles / case

Article Number 49525

NoseCandied fruit and smoky aromas

TasteExcellent balance between
subtle smoky notes and
an array of candied fruit notes
including apple, prune and even rhubarb preserve.
A wonderful variety of
flavours which gradually reveal
themselves over the course of an
exceptionally long stay on the palate.

Serving suggestionsJust savour it as it is. Will pair magnificently with cigars and coffee, also a perfect match for chocolate macarons.


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