LECOMPTE CALVADOSLecompte Multimillésimes

  • Content (L) 0.7
  • Producer Spirit France
  • Country of Origin France
  • Alcohol 0.4
  • Consumer Unit Bottle in giftbox
  • Shelf life Indefinite
  • Colour Amber
  • Trade Unit 3 bottles / case

Article Number 49590

NoseCoffee, prune, walnut, rhubarb. Hints of smokiness, caramelised apples and red fruits. Superb balance of concentrated and fresh apple notes. Good intensity.

TasteBold attack, great volume on the palate
Very well-balanced, hints of figs, coffee
Caramelised fruit aromas, walnut and almond nuances. Intense notes of rich leather.

Serving suggestionsJust savour it as it is.


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