• Content (L) 0.7
  • Producer Plantation Trois Rivières
  • Country of Origin Martinique
  • Alcohol 0.43
  • Consumer Unit Bottle in gift box
  • Shelf life Indefinite
  • Colour A gorgeous, bright golden color with amber highlights.
  • Trade Unit 6 bottles / case

Article Number 3770

NoseTrois Rivières Single Casks share the finesse of their spiced aromas.

TasteTheir intense oaked flavors that evolved over time in the shade and tranquility of our cellars. They are also non chilled-filterd to preserve their great taste qualities.
Always produced in limited editions (only about 400 bottles by casks), each Single Cask represent a great and rare rum, which have its own character. They epitomize the qualities of the most beautiful years of production from the Trois Rivières Plantation. Strong, delicate or fruity, each one promises great and various moments of degustation.

Serving suggestionsIt can be enjoyed neat.


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